IoT Deployments Made Easy with Gemalto Cinterion® EHS6T-LAN 2G/3G Terminal

Gemalto’s suite of plug-and-play Cinterion Cellular IoT Terminals offer unprecedented simplicity for new developers and small to medium scale deployments. With virtually zero design time, simple integration and no approval effort required, the Cinterion EHS6T-LAN 2G/3G Terminal works out-of-the box to quickly connect industrial applications to the Internet.



  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) for cost savings and flexibility
    Offering optional PoE support, the EHS6T-LAN 3G Terminal runs data and power together over the same cable. This eliminates additional power supply components and reduces costs.
  • Java™ for fast application development
    To ease integration into existing equipment, optional embedded Java offers the flexibility for the terminal to run on-device applications, e.g. controlling GPIO or more complex tasks such as pre-processing data, or analytics that help optimize wireless network efficiency using a broad range of tools from Gemalto.
  • Highly Flexible Mounting for quick and easy implementation
    The EHS6T-LAN Terminal’s highly flexible mounting concept enables quick and easy implementation via DIN rail mounting, C-rail mounting, screw fixing, or use of cable ties.
  • Pre-approved with global support accelerates project timelines
    Offering global customer support, Full Type Approval, and certifications from global network operators, the device ensures a speedy go-to-market timeline.
Cinterion module EHS6 EHS6 EHS5-E/-US
RS-232 (Sub D)



Weidmüller connector
(GPIOs, SPI, I2C, RS-485)

•(no RS-485)

• (no RS-485)

Ethernet (RJ45)  

Power supply (RJ11)

RF antenna

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